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Resource - Class

Any BIBFRAME object.

Properties used with Resource : Any BIBFRAME object.

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Property Label / Description Subproperty Of Expected values
authorizedAccessPoint Authorized access point / Controlled string form of a resource label intended to help uniquely identify it, such as a unique title or a unique name plus title. Literal
identifier Identifier / Number or code that uniquely identifies an entity. Identifier
label Label / Text string expressing the property value. Literal
relatedTo Related resource / Any relationship between work or instance resources. URL

More specific Resource types

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Property Label / Description Subclass Of
DescriptionAdminInfo Administrative metadata / Administrative metadata associated with the graph. Resource
Annotation Annotation / Resource that asserts additional information about other BIBFRAME resource. Resource
Authority Authority / Representation of a key concept or thing. Works and Instances, for example, have defined relationships to these concepts and things. Resource
Category Category / Generic list of values information. Resource
Classification Classification Entity / System of coding, assorting and organizing materials according to their subject. Resource
Event Event Entity / Time or place of an event. Resource
Identifier Identifier / Token or name that is associated with a resource, such as a URI, or an ISBN, etc.. Resource
Instance Instance / Resource reflecting an individual, material embodiment of the Work. Resource
IntendedAudience Intended Audience Information / Information that identifies the specific intended or target audience or intellectual level for which the content described item is considered appropriate. Used to record interest and motivation levels and special learner characteristics. Resource
Language Language Entity / Language entity. Resource
Arrangement Organization of materials information / Information about the organization and arrangement of a collection of items. For instance, for computer files, organization and arrangement information may be the file structure and sort sequence of a file; for visual materials, this information may be how a collection is arranged. Resource
Provider Provider Entity / Name of agent relating to the publication, printing, distribution, issue,release, or production of a resource. Resource
Relator Relationship / How an agent is related to a resource. Resource
Related Relationship / How one resource is related to another. Resource
Title Title Entity / Title information relating to a resource: title proper, translated title, or variant form of title. Resource
Work Work / Resource reflecting a conceptual essence of the cataloging resource. Resource