This site contains an archive of v1.0 of the BIBFRAME vocabulary.
BIBFRAME 2.0 Resources:



For input of data directly into BIBFRAME, try out the demo or download and experiment.

  1. BIBFRAME Editor - Demonstration
    This site is for demonstration purposes. It enables recording of a description using the BIBFRAME vocabulary but at this time does not store the input.
  2. BIBFRAME Editor - Download
    This link is to the freely downloadable software for the Editor via Github. Please read the documentation for the Editor before attempting to experiment with the software.

BIBFRAME Profile Editor

  1. BIBFRAME Profile Editor - Download
    This software is designed to enable the configuration of profiles based on the profile specification BIBFRAME Profiles: Introduction and Specification . The resulting RDF profile may be used to create templates in BIBFRAME editors. It was written under contract to the Library of Congress by Smart Software Solutions, Inc. This software is open source and may be freely downloaded and used.
  2. BIBFRAME Profile Editor - Demonstration
    This site is for demonstration purposes, and includes 6 profiles which are used in the Editor prototype.

MARC to BIBFRAME transformation tools

There are two tools designed to help you evaluate MARC Bibliographic data in the BIFRAME model. The transformation software that powers these tools is also available for download.

  1. Comparison service
    Enter the bibliographic identifer (MARC BIB field 001) of a Library of Congress MARC record to view a before and after presentation of a MARC record from the Library of Congress's database as BIBFRAME resources.
  2. Transformation service
    Submit your own MARC Bibliographic records (as MARC/XML) and view them as BIBFRAME resources in Exhibit. The resulting data are also available for download.

NOTICE: Most of the class and property names in the data should match the names of classes and properties in the vocabulary. There may be some misalignment because of a short lag between the time the vocabulary is modified and the transformation code updated.